Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government – 2009 Rankings
Based on responses from more than 212,000 Federal employees last year, NASA's workforce continues to score well and moved up to 3rd best place to work among large Federal agencies. The rankings also reveal that NASA ranked 2nd among all large Federal agencies in Effective Leadership, Teamwork, Strategic Management, and Support for Diversity as well as other areas. You may view a complete listing of the Best Places to Work, including each NASA Center and 278 other federal organizations at:

Today's Job Spotlight
"I work in the Spacecraft and Sensors Branch of the Space Systems and Concepts Division. I’ve been involved in developing virtual reality demonstrations to show on screens how commands affect Space Station systems. I’ve been helping to develop the immersive environment that lets an engineer look at all data at the same time using several of the senses rather than at data from different systems separately. This human factors technology will enable engineers to give verbal commands to the computer to carry out various operations."

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